Respect The Expert! Whatever The Level…

Almost one week on, and I’m still pondering the disastrous Oscars ceremony. It’s toe-curling on so many levels: pride before a fall, there before the grace of God go I etc.. I’m in the PR industry and have been backstage at many a press or launch event – and it’s terrifying!

But I’ve also been thinking about what really went wrong backstage to culminate in this fiasco that will go down in Oscars’ history and is permanently etched onto the cvs of the 2 PwC individuals for ever..and..ever..and ever..

It’s down to complacency and a lack of respect for the great work that more junior staff do.

Senior PR professionals have all at one stage in their careers been the young 20-something event co-ordinator or account exec who is charged with the clipboard, the head-set, 3 mobile phones and an ever-changing list of urgent tasks. It’s a massive juggling act. It requires someone who is energetic, on-the-ball, eagle-eyed and most importantly – it’s someone who still feels the fear. When you stop feeling the fear, that’s when you make mistakes. That’s when complacency sets in.

As you rise up within the ranks of any organisation, it’s easy to forget the specialist skills that are required at any level to do a task well. And it’s sobering to remember that you do forget how to do some of the essentials that keep the wheels oiled and the show running smoothly.

So put true experts into a job, at the right level and show them respect!

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