KCPR has been signed to launch CleanRite sanitiser range in the UK, supporting with media relations and social media

KCPR KateClarkPR, created PR and media relations campaign for Nanogen, the luxury range of hair thickening and treatment products – featuring the scientifically proven Keratin Hair Fibres range.  Discover more about Nanogen at
Kate Clark works with a number of faculties at UCL to promote the great work done by the Faculties of Medical Sciences, Brain Sciences and Life Sciences – as well as UCL Innovation & Enterprise and UCL Business (UCLB) – supporting thought-leadership and expert profiling.

Kora Healthcare’s Regelle brand signed KCPR KateClarkPR to launch the brand in the UK.  KCPR handled PR, and media relations – as well as running a social media campaign.

Scent Republik, signed KCPR KateClarkPR to run a media relations campaign and launch their social medial. Scent Republik promotes inclusivity and confident fun for young girls, launching with a range of scent stiks.

KCPR supported corporate relations for Glorious Brands. Glorious Brands is the UK’s fastest growing beauty product specialist sales, marketing and distribution expert.

KCPR working with Stride to put the 4th R into the national curriculum – Real Life experience!
KCPR has taken on corporate PR for Stride, an education enrichment partnership that designs and delivers challenging programmes for schools – to open children’s minds to the world of business and enterprise. Stride has been working with teachers and pupils in the South East and Greater London area to encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set by giving young people the skills, knowledge and aspirations they need to be successful in our fast-changing world of work.